You can skip the salon with these easy manicure steps

You can skip the salon with these easy manicure steps

Nail polish was around as early as 3000 BC, and its original purpose was to signify social rankings. The color

red was worn by the wealthy where the lower classes did not use bright colors. Now knowing that nail polish has been around for so long you think we would have mastered the perfect manicure. However, after the third day it still chips. Personally, I give up on my nails after the first chip, and after that it, it is all down hill from there. This problem always occurred to me and I was particularly tired of it. That is when I developed the best three-step process to make sure that my nails remain manicure fresh for a longer time, without worrying about the constant chipping. 

Now a little disclaimer, I do suffer from the occasional chip every once in a while, but the only way I can avoid all chips is if I didn’t do anything at all, or just proceeded to be cautious with every little thing that I did. 


First step:

     Use nail polish remover on your whole nail before you do any painting. This wipes off all oils on the nail, and the nail polish won’t come off as easily.

     Apply the base coat to the nail, and underneath. I know this sounds silly but sometimes when you paint your nail the focus is only on the one part and not the sides or near the cuticle. In order to get a nice manicure you have to apply it to the total area


Second Step:

     Apply the nail polish to the whole portion of the nail and do wait for it to dry before applying another coat. Also, a little tip! I find it best to check emails after I paint my nails because i tend to not smudge anything while doing so. However, if this is something that wouldn’t work for you, find an alternative like scrolling through your Instagram or Twitter feed. Now remember wait at least 25 minutes to let your nails fully dry. If you don’t, the top layer can smudge and that is never fun 


Third step:

     Apply the top coat to the nail plus the underneath and viola! Congrats you’re done with your nails and you have a beautiful set of hands now! You can say that you nailed it, no pun intended.

Until next time!





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