The Superhero of All Hair Products

The Superhero of All Hair Products

Recently, I have been trying to limit myself with how much shampoo I use since I heard that constant shampooing strips the natural oils from the scalp, and with that being said the scalp begins to produce excess amount of oil which is why sometimes we get very oily hair.  I will admit that I am one of those people who shampoos her hair every single day. However, I have stopped and now I try to shampoo only once every three-four days, and I usually co-wash every now and then, which is when you only wash with conditioner. Now because my hair is just getting used to this it has become increasingly oily. This means it is working, but sadly I have a sad flop of oily hair. I am very cautious with how my hair looks because one it is so long and two, who wants super oily hair?! This is where the dry-shampoo superhero comes in. Literally, it has saved my hair from the worst days ever, and I am talking super bad. The dry shampoo that I use is called “Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo.”

This spray is absolutely one of my favorites. It is not super expensive and it gets the job done. Another added point would be it leaves absolutely no residue on my head; I do not feel any product back-up and my hair doesn’t feel weighed down either! Definitely a win-win. You can find this product at Target, Walmart, or CVS for less than $6, which is another win, because I do not want to spend more than thirty dollars on a dry shampoo.

Now remember after five days of no washing, you should shampoo and condition your hair to thoroughly clean it. Dry Shampoo does its job by soaking up oils, but after continuous use that takes a toll on your hair and a cleansing would be the best to start anew.





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