Friday Favorites: Day Essentials

Friday Favorites: Day Essentials

Happy Friday everyone!

Also, happy Cinco de mayo! Today I wanted to talk about some of my favorite things.

1.) Journals

I would just like to say, I am a huge fan of planners, journals, notebooks, and anything that involves stationary. I write constantly so having a planner on hand is a must for me.  Having a planner allows me to write down thoughts, ideas that randomly come to mind, or doodles to pass the time. Before when I didn’t carry a journal I would get these great ideas but I would forget about them by the time I actually found a pencil or pen. That’s when I started carrying around my everyday essentials; a journal and pen.

2.) Flower Pens

Now the pen in the photograph is something that I DIY-ed myself. The pen is simply fake flowers wrapped in floral tape. It’s a simple application and also it dresses up a pen! The best thing about making floral pens is that you can make it appear to be a bouquet of flowers, but in all reality, it’s a group of pens lumped together.

3.) iPod or any device with music

Music is my absolute go-to. It makes me feel happy, and I love creating playlists that are set to different moods. I am guilty of creating playlists that are so good that I end up dancing while I’m walking. So while I am enjoying the newest song added to my playlist, people are probably wondering if they should walk the other way to avoid me.

4.) A Watch

I will admit that I am not the best at keeping time. I go to sit down and relax and an hour passes or three (but who’s counting?)  It may be poor time management at times, but that is why I always try to wear a watch. Even if I don’t have a watch I try to keep something near me to keep track of time. Besides, watches are great because they come in almost every color and they are great arm candy!

These are four items that I feel are great essentials to have. They don’t have to be super complex just items that make your life simple. I know they work for me so I hope one of these may work for you or inspire you to find your own essentials!

Until next time!





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