April Showers Brings in Trends

April Showers Brings in Trends
             The month of April has many trends that are both exciting, new, as well as a mix of the old. As part of every spring, we can expect to notice the floral prints in an abundance. We will see this flowery trend in all aspects of clothing from dresses, shirts, and pants.
            Speaking of a mix of the old and new, we will notice some lobster prints on swimsuits. Fashion Designer Schiaparelli was famous for her painted lobsters on many of her garments, and now designer Adriana Degreas is using that to influence her own line.
            If you have any vintage bags collecting dust in your attic, now is a great time to bring them out! What we can start to see is the old becoming a new and vintage is the current chic. Bracelet bags are the latest “it” item where the bag itself appears as a cute accessory while carrying your essentials.
           Down to the feet, we see bejeweled heels are the new go-to for any occasion, may it be a night out with the girls, or running errands. If you are not feeling too dressy you can always throw on a pair of sneakers and call it a day. Life is your own personal runway so dress how you want to.
I compiled a series of photographs as a reference, as well as a mood board, for this month. This is a simple resource you can use when you need it or just simple inspiration.
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